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About the Cloud Industry Forum

The Cloud Industry Forum is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.  It was established in 2009 to help inform and educate all businesses.  We provided transparency through certification to a Code of Practice for credible online Cloud service providers and to assist end users in determining core information necessary to enable them to adopt these services.

Our Mission

Today, as the market has matured, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), as an industry body, champions and advocates the adoption and use of Cloud-based services by businesses. 

CIF aims to educate and inform end user businesses and represent cloud providers, consultancies and resellers.

We use our resources to:

  • Commission research and analysis on market trends and services and make this available to our members
  • Enable a forum for discussion and partnership amongst our members.  
  • Provide topical events and media outreach, inclusive member activities and special interest groups, etc, to encourage an active member community. 
  • Participate in regular events as speakers or contributors to support our members and help educate and inform end user businesses. 

Our ambition is to bring business consumers and suppliers of Cloud Services closer together in a trusted and sustainable marketplace.