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2016 State of resilience report inc Cloud impact

The 2016 State of Resilience: Keep your data moving forwardThis year’s State of Resilience, in keeping with the general trend of globalization of data, presents particularly intriguing and deep insights. For this report, we distributed five global surveys in English. Respondents represented a wide range of countries: Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Jordan in the Middle East; Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia in the Asia Pacific; Columbia, Peru, and Brazil in Latin America; France, Italy, and Denmark in Europe; and the U.S. and Canada in North America, to name a few.

In addition, this report contains a number of regional comparisons of IT practices for:

  • Latin America
  • Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • North America

To obtain these comparisons, we distributed surveys translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and German languages.

Responses from these surveys were compiled, along with country data extracted from the global surveys, and combined to obtain regional results. In general, analysis in the report is sourced from the “global survey,” or the worldwide English language survey. Where appropriate, regional comparisons are referenced by their specific names in the text or in sidebars.

Sections include: 

  • Central Issues for Information Technology Leaders
  • The State of Migrations
  • The State of High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • The State of Cloud Computing
  • The State of Data Sharing
  • Insights into IT Professional Services/Outsourcing

Respondents; 2,261. Professional titles varied widely, from CTO and VP of Information Technology, to cloud architect, systems administrator, senior DBA and principal systems engineer.

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