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9 Apr 2018

Five Essential Tips on how to use G-Cloud 10 to engage with CIOs

Advice Cloud’s Strategic Adviser Jos Creese shares his top tips on engaging with CIOs. Don’t just get listed on G-Cloud 10, start engaging from the onset to win business.

G-Cloud was developed to make public service IT procurement easily accessible for cloud- type services with its series of searchable, pre-tendered framework agreements. From it, public-sector organisations can buy services without needing to run a separate tender exercise to legitimise spend.

Despite this, suppliers can still find public service procurement frustrating, reducing business opportunities. A...

6 Feb 2018

Digital Transformation is Transforming Roles

By Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant, Advisory – Ensono

23 Jan 2018

Framework for the free flow of non-personal data

Here is a brief summary from the Chair of our Legal Forum, Prof Conor Ward, of the matters dealt with at the Digital Single Market Cloud Stakeholders meeting last month at the European Commission in Brussels 

11 Jan 2018

Digital Transformation Drivers and KPIs Don’t Stack Up

By Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant, Advisory – Ensono

8 Dec 2017

The journey to cloud – big-bang or evolution?

By Oliver Presland, Vice President - Global Product Management

24 Nov 2017

The impact of cloud on the IT supply chain

A summary of November’s CIF Executive Members Event

By Alex Hilton, CEO Cloud Industry Forum

10 Nov 2017

Top Tips for achieving digital innovation in the workplace

By Simon Aldous, Head of Channels, EMEA, Dropbox

For those companies yet to embark on a digital transformation journey, the challenges are clear, stand still and fall behind, or move too fast and risk spinning out of control.  So how do you find the right balance? 

We spoke to CIOs, CTOs and IT decision makers to find out what digital transformation strategies they’ve implemented, and the advice/top tips they have for other businesses looking to do the same.  

Whether it’s convincing the board to back you financially, understanding the needs of your workforce, getting buy-in for your next IT investment, or encouraging user adoption for new tools you can guarantee someone else has faced it before. Get a quick heads-up from those who have been there! 

26 Oct 2017

Must we Mind the (IT Skills) Gap for Digital Transformation?

By Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant Advisory, Ensono

12 Oct 2017