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27 Jun 2019

The Silence Of The Cloud

By Ian Moyse, Industry Cloud Influencer & Board Member Cloud Industry Forum

17 Jun 2019

AI or not to AI that is the Question

By Ian Moyse, Industry Cloud Influencer & Board Member Cloud Industry Forum

13 Jun 2019

PSN to Cloud Transformation

By Francis Bell, Cloud Gateway

7 Jun 2019

The journey to the cloud – where next?

By Alex Hilton, CEO Cloud Industry Forum

21 May 2019

Physical security and the cloud - The future is Video Surveillance ‘as a Service’ (VSaaS)

Rodrigue Zbinden, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Morphean

30 Apr 2019

UK Cloud Awards – the future is now

By Max Cooter, for the Cloud Industry Forum

11 Mar 2019

Understanding what AI can do using the AI framework

By Andrew Burgess, Visiting Senior Fellow in AI and RPA, Loughborough University and author of 'The executive guide to artificial intelligence'

12 Feb 2019
1 Oct 2018

Why The Real Key To Cybersecurity Is Psychology

By Max Emelianov , CEO HostForWeb