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20 Jul 2012

Business Leaders Approaches and Obstacles to Data Security Unlocked

A DMH Stallard panel debate held last week, Securing Your Data in the Data Explosion, saw a lively discussion amongst over 40 senior business leaders on both the strategic and technical issues surrounding data security.

12 Oct 2011


By Ian Moyse, EMEA Channel Director, Webroot
12 October, 2011

Moore's Law back in 1965 predicted silicon power would double every two years. But what its creator, Gordon E. Moore, couldn't have predicted was the dramatic economies of scale the cloud would eventually bring to all of our lives. For one, it's helped lead to a drop in price for essentials like computing power and storage by making them more accessible. But also, it's enabled conveniences no one ever would have imagined four or so decades ago.
Today we're able to use a mobile device with massive...

8 Apr 2011

At the heart of government

8th April, 2011

The cloud is making waves of that you can be sure. And you certainly know it is making an impact at every level of the economy when you are called to give evidence to Parliament on its impact and potential.

Over the past month CIF has been preparing a detailed submission to the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) into IT and the public sector. This of course is against the backdrop of the recent spending cuts, the freeze on ICT projects and the stalled progress on the launch of the so-called G-Cloud, or Government Cloud.