The Cloud Industry Forum has undertaken a significant body of research to investigate trends in end user adoption of Cloud Services across the UK. There are 14 Expert White Papers in the series and to date, the following have been released:

  • Cloud for Business - A CIF/CloudPro Special Report
  • Cloud: The Normalisation of Cloud in a Hybrid IT Market
  • UK Cloud trends and the rise of Hybrid IT
  • Making Sense of Hybrid IT: A CIF and Cloud Pro Special Report
  • Cloud: The critical role of Channel in driving Cloud adoption
  • Secure your data in the Cloud; key questions you should ask
  • A Global Reality: Governmental Access to Data in the Cloud
  • Cloud: Software Value Management and the Cloud
  • Cloud: Adoption and trends for 2013
  • An introduction and guide to buying Cloud Services
  • USA Cloud: Adoption and Trends 2012
  • Cloud: A Buyers Guide to Cloud Services
  • Cloud: Definitions, Deployment Considerations and Diversity
  • Cloud: Adoption and trends for 2012
  • Cloud: Contracting Cloud Services, a Guide to Best Practice
  • Cloud: The Impact upon the IT Supply Chain
  • Cloud: Adoption and Trends 2011

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